I use Nikon Attache's, the 10x42's and I use the Equinox HP 8x42's.  Which pair I use depends on what I'm doing.  The 8x42's are great for in the woods , but I prefer my Nikons when I'm checking fields and the lake.  My wife uses SWIFT Trilyte 8x42's and Nikon Monarch 10x42's. Her Swifts have become the car spares and she mostly uses her Monarchs.   It's best to invest in a good pair of binoculars, at least the best optics you can afford.  On our trip to Panama we brought cheap 8x26's thinking it would be better... WRONG   We won't make that mistake ever again.

I attempt digiscoping, which is looking through the scope with my camera.  They make an adapters, but I would need to purchase a camera that it would work with.  I use a zoom eyepiece which gives me some grea options.  Sometimes I let the camera auto select the settings, other times I try my own settings.  So far, I've done better than the auto settings.  I try not to process the pictures, although sometimes I find it necessary.
The equipment we use...


    Nikon Attache 10x42     Swift Trilyte 8x42



Pentax 80mm Spotting Scope